About Us

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Our story:

We’re an independent, Texas-based RIA with more than a century of combined experience between our founding partners, serving the diverse needs of individuals and families.

We founded Precedent Wealth Partners on the principle of doing things differently and breaking away from traditional wealth management’s focus on short-term gains and lack of client alignment. We believed a new precedent characterized by genuine partnership and a commitment to aligning our interests with yours would lead to better outcomes.

We’ve authored a blueprint for a new and unique wealth advisory
model for long-term, full-service financial planning and investment
management – creating a new precedent for prosperity.

New precedent.
Old fashioned partnership.

Since entering the industry in the 1970s our founders recognized the need for honest, financial advice. We believe our groundbreaking WillShare program enhances the Fiduciary Model we embraced years ago, allowing us to treat you like a fellow owner or partner, creating a complete alignment of interests.

One simple fee.
Outstanding service.

There are no shortcuts to building wealth. It takes time, effort and proactive guidance. You can expect personalized, expert guidance and proactive attention on your journey. We offer comprehensive advice to our clients for one simple, easy-to-understand fee.

unbiased advice.

Independent, unbiased advice. Like an old-style family office that served a single ultra wealthy family, we are a proudly independent firm – with no external influences that might compromise our mutual goals. We like to keep it that way, so that our only duty is to you and your family.

Our PACT with you

We enter a PACT with new clients based on the concepts of Permanence, Alignment, Competency and Teamwork.

This set of first principles redefines the client-wealth management firm relationship, created based on the experience of our founders helping thousands of families build wealth.



We strive to create strong, enduring client relationships through solid and lasting foundation with no outside influences or interference.



We align with our clients through a unique sharing proposition and fully embrace the fiduciary model to guide our actions as a firm.



Our team has deep experience in the business and is committed to ongoing training and education. Our team has the credentials to provide our clients with ongoing, high-quality advice.



We value a sustainable culture that attracts a multifaceted
team of professionals and pools intellectual capital, resulting in
each client receiving the combined expertise of the entire firm.


Join our virtuous circle of wealth

WillShare, an innovative new program that aligns our interests with yours by treating you like a co-owner of our firm.

If we distribute profits to our owners, a portion may
be shared with you as fee credits to reduce the cost of
your wealth management. This aligns our interests
and incentivizes us to work harder on your behalf for
a better client experience and sustainable growth for
our firm. That’s the virtuous circle.

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Helping you protect and grow what you’ve built

We specialize in helping individuals and families over long periods of time. Our multi-generational approach helps ensure that the wealth you leave behind is well stewarded.

Our professional staff with deep experience in financial planning and other specialties enables us to help you as your life changes. Whether you’re needing advice about selling your business or creating a multi-generation legacy, we bring the professional assistance you need.

We serve clients nationwide.

Our shared values:

Our values drive our commitment to guide you in the pursuit of your goals.



We believe in delivering proactive service that gives clients white glove treatment, no matter the size of their account.



We are guided by our values to do right by you, our client. This means seeking your successes and owning mistakes when we make them.



We put your interests above our own. This has been true throughout our careers, and it remains true today.



We want our clients to know where they stand at all times.



We treat our clients like partners and believe their goals are our goals.



Unlike traditional brokers, we are free to make unbiased decisions on behalf of our clients. We do not engage in commission-based selling.



We take the time to understand your unique circumstances, so we can better help define your own unique financial future.